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Natasha Chopra is an art therapist, visual artist, and spoken word poet living in Indianapolis, IN. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree from Ball State University in 2018, and graduated with her Master's in Art Therapy from Herron School of Art and Design in 2020.

Natasha has over 3 years experience in mental health counseling and art therapy. She received her LMHCA in 2021, and is working toward full licensure as a mental health counselor in the state of Indiana and full credentials as a registered art therapist. She is currently a school-based therapist for a community mental health agency, working with children ages 9-12 and their families. Natasha's career goals include specializing in LGBTQ+ counseling, teaching at the collegiate level, and helping mentor future counselors and art therapists.


Natasha is the co-founder and media editor for Turnpike Magazine. Turnpike is an online literary and art publication dedicated to positive themes and marginalized voices. She and her co-editors created this project in response to trends in literary publishing that focused heavily on marginalized persons' trauma, taking away their opportunity to share their positives, their highs, their celebrations. The Turnpike team sought to create a safe and welcoming space within their publication and surrounding community.

Natasha is a part of Indy Symposium, a group of creatives that held regular open mics and poetry slams at Black Circle Brew, located in Indianapolis. Natasha's personal poetry focuses on themes of family, identity, and human connection, and some of her work can be found in Genesis Magazine. She participated in the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational in 2018, and has performed spoken word at Ball State University, The Queer Chocolatier, Black Circle Brew, Irvington Vinyl & Book, and more.

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